Kareem's Lebanese Kitchen

I was hired by: B3 Marketing to shoot these menu items to be used on web and in Print. You can see some of the images used here in 'The Heart of Lebanon' featured in Grandeur Magazine.  I really love working with Dimitrios Settos and B3 Marketing. There is a true understanding of luxury brand management and organic promotion of Chef's and their restaurant's through quality of their work first- and celebrity second. There is fine line between aggressively promoting your client and representing Artists. B3 makes you feel as though they truly represent Artist's and talent and they do it in the classiest way possible.Kareem is the Arabic word for “generous” – a perfect reflection of chef Rachid Ido's philosophy and cuisine. Enjoy the generosity of Kareem’s Lebanese kitchen through a plethora of delicious flavors. Experience the core value of hospitality, for which the Lebanese culture is well known. In order to understand Chef Rachid's culinary heritage we have to take you back in time – at least a couple of generations. Imagine the hustling and bustling streets of Beirut in the early 1940s. This active metropolis is where people traded and conducted business for thousands of years. This is where Chef Rachid's grandfather was preparing, on a daily basis, his delicious hummus following his old family recipes. This family tradition was perfected by his father, Chef Jamil, whose talent has been recognized and appreciated by prominent middle eastern families, ambassadors and royalty alike.