The 'Pickled Owl' (Hurleyville, New York)

Pickled Owl opened its doors on August 3rd, 2015, the upstate New York gastropub was established with the intention of expanding locals horizons to "think outside the box" when dining out in Hurleyville New York.  Evan and Brynn have strong roots in Sullivan County. Evan, is a native of Liberty NY, and his wife Brynn was born and raised in Hurleyville. Both have a large network of friends and families in the area. After they were married in 2008, they knew they wanted to stay close to those families and bought their first home in Hurleyville where they later decided to open the Pickled Owl

What is a 'Pickled Owl' ?

Coming up with a name for the gastropub proved to be a challenge. They opened up the debate with a competition between family and friends. Who could come up with the best name for the establishment?
Evan and Brynn knew we wanted something meaningful that encompassed the history of the area, represented what they were about, and would be remembered for its oddity if nothing else. Brynn's sister, Autumn, took the prize. 
Her thought process:  It is believed that 11,000 years ago, the Lenape Indians were the first to occupy our region. Native Americans regard the Owl as the keeper of sacred knowledge and feel the bird represents wisdom and foresight. In the mid to late 1800’s tanning was a large part of the economic industry in Sullivan County. Tanning is the preservation of a hide or skin. In the same regard, “pickling” is the preservation of food…or your liver through the indulgence of fine alcoholic beverages (like craft brews!).

"One tends to behave as though one gains more knowledge with each spirit enjoyed…so it is our feeling that coupling these two words gave us the perfect blend of history, whimsy, and uniqueness to create a memorable name for a memorable gastropub"